03. Installing the Sensor in the Garage

Install Magnet sensor

Swing Door

With a screw-driver remove the screws from the top cover of your wireless sensor.

Place the provided Type N batteries on the sensor and screw the top cover back in.

It is important to ensure that all 4 screws are tightened correctly to prevent water or moisture from entering the sensor.

Hold the wireless sensor with your hand and move the magnet between 0 and 0,2 inches next to the sensor (hold this during almost 5 seconds).

Check if the status yellow light (right) of the ismartgate device blinks faster.

If the Status light doesn´t blink faster, please write us at support@ismartgate.com

1. Place the sensor in the center of the garage door.
2. Make sure the magnet is facing the right side of the sensor, where the “Magnet” message is point out to.
3. Magnet and sensor must be les than 1.25 inches (3cm) away.

If all is correctly placed, let´s test the overall installation.

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